Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ghost Stories PART III


Again this ghost story was related to me when I was a young boy in primary school. I liked to hear ghost stories especially late at night and my good mother always hurried me to sleep early. But I was eager to hear late night ghost stories.

Three buddy friends from Senggarang rode their Scramblers to Batu Pahat for a mid-night show. They have not been to town for months. It was a good movie called Thirteen Ghosts in 3-D. The movie-goers were each given a pair of special cheap paper spectacles which they can retain it.

After the show they rode back home. But mid-way home they saw a brightly lit hawker centre. One of the friend suggested, " Hey! There is a new Hawker Centre not far from the main road. It
looks inviting. Shall we stop by for sup?" The decision was unanimous. They went in. All stalls were teaming with customers for their late night supper or rather very early morning breakfast.
The three buddy friends have fried noodles. After their meals they exclaimed in unison, " It was
delicious. Shall we come tomorrow night? OK."

They rode straight home. As soon as they reached their respective homes they vomited. Out came earthworms, grasshoppers, crickets,termites, ants, centipedes and earth. What an awful
sight! The non-stop vomiting and diarrhea made them dehydrated and weak. An ambulance arrived to send them to Batu Pahat General Hospital. Anti-biotic jab was given to each of them.
When they recovered and able to talk coherently the attending doctor inquired on the cause or the food they have eaten. They related the incident to the doctor who replied that there was no
such hawker centre there as the doctor passed by that stretch of road everyday. That area was a cementry.