Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ghost Stories

When I was a young boy I liked to hear ghost stories. It was really scary tales for kids of 8 years of age. Let us start with one:-

It was after the mid-night show. The air was cold and chilly and dogs were howling. Ah Leong headed straight home on his 250 cc Suzuki. He lived 12 km from town and had to pass by a Chinese cemetery. Along the way, a young gorgeous lady in white waved to hitch a ride. Ah Leong, a bachelor stopped and pick her and carried on the journey. About 2 km farther, the lady in white tapped on his shoulder telling him that she felt cold. Ah Leong passed his expensive jacket to protect her from the cold. Another kilometre down the road she signalled him to stop. She then alighted from the bike and ran down the narrow winding path and disappeared into the darkness.

Early next morning, Ah Leong went to look for the lady in white. After much enquiry, he managed to locate a small hut. He knocked and the door was opened. He was greeted by a
hunchback old gentle lady. He asked for the beautiful lady in white. The old woman answered
that she lived alone. He refused to believe. But then a portrait of the young lady in the same white dress hung from the front wall caught his eyes. He pointed at the portrait. The old but gentle lady explained that the young lady in the portrait was her favourite granddaughter who
passed away last year and yesterday was her first death anniversary. As she related the story of how her granddaughter died tears filled her eyes. Ah Leong still did not believe her story.

The old woman brought him to her granddaughter's tomb. On the tomb stone hung Ah Leong's expensive jacket....