Thursday, November 18, 2010

“Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV”

" It's elementary, my dear Watson. "

Are you as good as Holmes to solve the case of 
the stolen keys to TRON: LEGACY ?

The story goes by : 

TGV CINEMAS,1930 HRS, 19  Nov. 2010 : 

A projectionist found that the keys to the safe containing the TRON: LEGACY movie reel had been STOLEN! 

The projectionist claims he went to the washroom, then he came back to find the keys' been stolen!

He then later reported to the police. The only evidence found so far are strands of golden hair...
The police suspects it's an inside job.

Can you solve this case? And be the Holmes of the 21st century??


Solve this case and be greatly rewarded with  :
  • private screening hall for any movie,
  • Panasonic 50" 3DTV 
  • 3D Blu-ray Player 
  • Much more!

For further clues & information, visit this site : 

So, put on your deerstalker hat, take your pipe & bring along your walking stick.

Good luck!