Friday, June 26, 2009


The world is dimmer coz we lost two stars that shines brilliantly in this entertainment world of movies & music. Today is a date
written forever in remembrance of 2 very talented stars.

Michael Jackson
1958 - 2009
King of Pop

Popular songs :
Beat It
Billy Jeans

Farrah Fawcett
act in Charlie's Angels
most popular pin-up posters
Their talents appreciated forever...
May God Bless...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Clever Kam Lor - Part 2

( For those who miss Part 1, please click here or scroll down to read Part 1 first..)

The general dragged his feet , walking slowly out of the Imperial Court in deep thoughts. He felt sad, very sad, very very sad. " When the 3-month time frame is up, I will be history. My family will miss me dearly. How can a cockerel lay eggs! Yes, I want to live! Most of all, I want see Kam Lor grow up to be a great general like me. I want to teach him all the military strategies that I know. Ok, I better escape with my family to a small village and change my identity. " he thought.

Instead of riding on his old faithful, he walked with him, " Oh! My White Beauty, we have fought battles together and I am not going to be separated from you just like that. I 'll rather die in a great battle." he whispered to his faithful horse.

Just as he took his last step out of the main gate of the Imperial Court, there was a terrible storm with lightning and thunder and rain pouring down in torrents. It seemed even heaven
also wept for him. It was dreadful! But he was oblivious of the thunder storm, as he took the long walk back home or it seemed long as the journey on horseback usually takes him about five minutes. When he reached home, it was sunset, a 2-hour journey!

He was completely drenched. He cleaned and dressed as a general would. Afterwards he hugged his grandson and his wife tightly but the look on his face betrayed his predicament.His good wife enquired on the outcome of the court proceedings and he related the entire episode to her. She, being virtuous and upright, advised him not to escape but to face the situation like a general.

Days, weeks and months passed by swiftly. It seemed only yesterday. A decision day or rather doom day. They have the last Family Reunion Breakfast together. He discussed the role and duties of the Lord of the House and bequeathed his authority to his eldest son. As the general got ready to face the ultimatum like a general faces an impossible battle, Kam Lor called, " Ah Kong! Ah Kong! Kam Lor will attend Court on your behalf. I ' ll tell the emperor that my Ah Kong is indisposed."

The Imperial Court was called to order by the Royal Adviser. And there on the seat of the great and mighty general sat tiny, little Kam Lor. " Who are you, my little one?" thundered the
emperor. Kam Lor answered bravely but courteously, " May Your Majesty live a million years? I am Kam Lor, the youngest grandson of the great and mighty general at Your Majesty Service."

The emperor demanded, "Why is your grandfather?" Kam Lor answered in a sweet innocent voice, " He is at home recuperating as he has given birth to a baby boy early this morning."
"How dare you tell a lie! How can a man give birth! Only women give birth" the emperor raised his voice. Kam Lor again in his sweet innocent voice answered confidently."A thousand apologies, your servant deserves death. But Your Masjesty, nowadays a man can give birth because cockerel can lay eggs!"

The emperor exclaimed, " Clever! Very clever! My clever Kam Lor, China is blessed to have you.Your Ah Kong has taught you well. Now send your Ah Kong here as I'll bestow him with the highest award for bringing up such a brilliant boy. And you Kam Lor, will serve me as my personal Royal Assistant."

( Never thought of this answer right ? )


Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here Are A Few Jokes I Want To Share.

There were 3 p0liticians gathered together at a high-class restaurant. They discussed their secrets and promised not to reveal to anyone, not even to their wives.

1st politician: During the tsunami raised fund, I embezzled more than $10 millions for my family.

2nd politician: That is nothing. I mis-appropriated more than $ 2o millions from the earthquake fund for my mistress.

3rd politician: My inner most secret is I am an incorrigible gossip, I cannot keep secrets.

2. There were 3 priests discussing on their private lives:

1st priest: I have known both of you since primary school.
Both of you were sincere and honest. With our
priestly allowance/salary, how can, you my
friend afford a Camry and you, drive a Mercedes
S Class? How do both of you manage that ?

2nd priest: You want to know how I got a Camry? Very
simple. Since we are priests, we believe in God.
So I asked God, " God,the donations for the
monthly expenses for the needy, as a head priest am I entitled to
part of it? If you agree, I' ll draw a BIG circle
and I' ll then stand in the middle of it. Then I' ll
throw all the donations up high into the sky, the
money that falls inside the BIG circle belongs to
me, and those that landed outside the BIG circle
belong to God." That is how I manage to
drive a Camry.

3rd priest: Since God is in Heaven
above, every month I throw the donation money
up into the sky. " God, this is your money, take
it. If you think I deserve it, then return to me."
Every month, God never fails me. He always says
I deserve it. This how I drive a Mercedes S Class.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clever Kam Lor - Part 1

Today I wish to share with you an ancient story as told by my lovely mother to me when I was a little boy......

Once upon a time, in a Hokkien Province of ancient China, there lived a great and mighty general.

He lived in a huge mansion with a small orchard of Mandarin oranges surrounded by a beautiful
garden of roses and peonies.

One fine Spring morning, his youngest pretty and demure daughter-in-law was enjoying herself eating oranges, singing and dancing around the roses and peonies. Suddenly, she went into labour. A baby boy was born! The great general named his grandson, "Kam Lor" ( since his grandson was born in the orchard of Mandarin oranges and "Kam" means Mandarin oranges in Chinese.)

From a very young age, Kam Lor was tutored by the great teachers of China in Chinese Literature and Calligraphy. He was also trained in martial arts and archery by the grand masters
of the ancient arts of self-defence in a temple. As the result, Kam Lor grew up into a fine lad skilled in kongfu and archery and well versed in Chinese Literature and Calligraphy.

The general with the Imperial Army at his command, managed to make China a powerful and feared nation on land as well as 0n seas. So China enjoyed peace and prosperity for decades.
The emperor became bored. Nothing exciting happened. Then the emperor summoned the great and mighty general to the Imperial Court and demanded:

Emperor: You are my No.1 general. You have conquered , captured foreign land and extended
my territory in my name. You have done a magnificent job. Nothing is impossible for

General : Yes, Your Majesty. Nothing is impossible. May Your Majesty live a million years?

Emperor: Now, I have a small task for you. Get me a cockerel's egg.

General : May Your Majesty live a million years? Hen's egg I can get for you. How can I get a
cockerel's egg?

Emperor : You are a mighty and awesome general. You have achieved impossible tasks which
other generals failed. Hence searching for an egg, a cockerel's egg is a small job to you.
Just one small egg will do. I give you 3 months. If you fail, your head will be chopped
off. You are dismissed now.

( Want To Know What Will Happen Next? To be continued next week... )

Discussion: How is our general going to escape death? He not only escaped death but
he was also bestowed with brilliancy award. How?