Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It was Father Day. My son wanted to buy a new pair of spectacles for me as a Father Day Gift.  He said, "Dad, your old pair of spectacles  is worn out. I want to buy you new pair."  Thus my  family and I headed straight to Paradigm Mall as it is near to where we live. We went to Nandos to have our dinner.  After our
our quarter chicken drumstick, set and soup we adjourned to A-Look located at Level LG same level as Tesco. I chose the the cheapest range as my son offered to pay as a Father-Day Gift and I preferred not to burden him since he is not working and still in college. I prefer that he scored with flying colours and that will be the Best Father-Day Present any father will hope.
But he insisted that I get a better range of spectacles the cheap set  looks so 'ancient.'  So to make him happy I opted for the next higher range.
I thanked for giving a good understanding son. Jesus has given him a good heart.