Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It was Father Day. My son wanted to buy a new pair of spectacles for me as a Father Day Gift.  He said, "Dad, your old pair of spectacles  is worn out. I want to buy you new pair."  Thus my  family and I headed straight to Paradigm Mall as it is near to where we live. We went to Nandos to have our dinner.  After our
our quarter chicken drumstick, set and soup we adjourned to A-Look located at Level LG same level as Tesco. I chose the the cheapest range as my son offered to pay as a Father-Day Gift and I preferred not to burden him since he is not working and still in college. I prefer that he scored with flying colours and that will be the Best Father-Day Present any father will hope.
But he insisted that I get a better range of spectacles the cheap set  looks so 'ancient.'  So to make him happy I opted for the next higher range.
I thanked for giving a good understanding son. Jesus has given him a good heart.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Last week I took a LRT train at Kelana Jaya Station and disembarked  at Pasar Seni Station. Immediately I got onto Go-KL free bus to KLCC. But as soon as I boarded the bus I was in the company of foreigners, Bangladeshis, a Japanese couples and a few Caucasians  I must have entered a wrong  bus; it was a tourist bus or it seemed and rushed out in an instant.  Outside the bus I saw it was indeed the Go-KL bus.

Those foreigners really know how to travel free. I don't know why  Malaysians do not take advantage of the free bus service. Come on! Malaysians, travel free as time is bad. If there is free food or free books for your kids, rush for those items. Come New Year 2014, everything is going up! Sugar,petrol, toll charges, food, entertainments. The dread GST, 6 %. You name it goes up, even corruption goes up. But one thing do not go up- your pay packet. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013


To show you how to solve mathematical problems  is to learn simple addition first. But that could bore you to death. I shall go straight to show you how to solve difficult mathematical problems first.

We begin with finding cube roots. In order to derive the cube roots we have to understand the meaning of cubes. To cube a number, say 3 we multiply 3 two times (3 x 3 x 3=27). That is 3³=27.
The cube root of 27 is derived as: ³√¯27=3. The simplest way is to use a scientific calculator by keying shift then key in  √ and 27 and lastly =. The answer is 3.

In order to derive a cube root mentally I will show you a strategy that require you to memorize the cube of 1 to 9.  I believe you can do this given some time.  Now try memorizing these to perfection.

                                                                    1³ = 1
                                                                    2³ = 8
                                                                    3³ = 27
                                                                    4³ = 64  ,
                                                                    5³ = 125
                                                                    6³ = 216
                                                                    7³ = 343
                                                                    8³ = 512
                                                                    9³ = 729

Take a closer look at the above answers of cubes from 1 to 9:-
                                                1, 8, 27, 64, 125, 216, 343, 512, 729

You can see clearly that all the answers of cubes from 1 to 9 end with a different digit. This is how we derive the answers of cube roots  from this little information. It is accurate for finding cube roots of 1 up to 1,000,000 and must be perfect cube pretty fast provided you memorize or know the cube of 1 to 9.

Let us now try a simple example. Find the cube root of 21,952 or ³√21,952.
Take a look at 21,952.  We arrange the number into two parts counting from the right first three digits, i e
952 on the right part of the number 21,952 to  derive the second part of our answer and 21, on the left to derive the first  part of the answer.To derive the first part of the answer look at the left part of 21,952 which is 21. Where does 21 fall on  the cubes table? Between 8 and 27. Since 21 is more than 8 but less than 27, the answer to the first part of our problem is the cube root of 8 which is 2. Now the second part of the answer is to look at the second part of the number 21, 952 which is 952. Take a quick look at  the cube chart.The last digit of 952 is 2 which falls on 512. 512 when cube rooted is 8. So 8 forms the second and final part of the answer. Hence the answer to  ³√21,952 = 28. Don't believe the answer. OK, use you calculator to multiply 28 twice.
2 8 x 28= 784 once. 784 x 28 = 21, 942 twice. Hey, Presto! Confirm ³√21,942 = 28.

Let us try a 6-digit number. ³√300,763 = ?
We follow the same procedure. We arrange the number into two parts, counting from the right first three digits, i e 763, to derive the second  part of our answer and 300 on the left to derive the first part of our answer. To derive the first part of the answer look at 300 of 300,763. Where does 300 fall on the cube table?  Between 216 and 343. Since 300 is more than 216 but less than 343, the answer to the first part of our problem is the cube root of 216 which is 6.  Now the second part of the problem is to look at the second part of the number 300,763 which is 763. Refer to the cube chart.  The last digit of 763 is 3 which falls on 343. 343 when cube rooted is 7. So 7 forms the second and final part of the answer. Hence the answer to ³ √ 300,763 = 67.  Multiply 67 by itself two times gives you 300,763. 

Let try another number, this time bigger number.  ³√ 884,736 = ?
We follow the same procedure:-  We again  arrange the number into two parts, counting from the right first three digits, i e 736, on the right to derive the second part of our answer and 884 on the left to derive the first part of our answer. Where does 884, to derive the first part of our answer fall on the cube table? 884 falls outside 729 which is more than 729 but less than 1000. So the first part of our answer cannot be the cube root of 1000. It must be the cube root of 729 which is 9, giving us the first part of the answer. To derive the second part of our answer is to follow the same procedure for the second part. Look at 736, the second part of the given number. The last digit of 736 is 6. Again take a quick look at the cube chart.  The last digit of 736 is 6 which falls on 216. 216 when cube rooted is 6. So 6 forms the second part of the answer. Hence the answer to ³√ 884,736 = 96.

I shall post multiplication of big numbers if you are interested. 
98 x 98 = ? I can give you the answer instantly. Reply me if you are interested by posting on the comments column.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why you need to become your own boss?

Bosses are bad. Which boss is good? There is one Boss who is good. His Name is Jesus. I think most of us have bosses who think they are the best. They are infallible. Nevertheless, there are a few points I would like to highlight to you about bosses.

1. If I make a mistake, he never forgets. If my boss makes a mistake, he is human.
2. If I have done an excellent job, my boss never remembers. If my boss has done a good job, that is pure
3. If I please my boss, I am apple-polishing my boss. If my boss pleases his boss, that is co-operation.
4. If I take a long time, I am slow. If he takes a long time he is being thorough.
5. If I have not done it I am lazy. If he has not done it he is too busy.
6. If I have done something good without being told to do, I am trying to be smart. If my boss done the some thing, that is initiative.
7. If I argue with my boss, I am accused of insubordination. If my boss does the same thing that is intelligent discussion.
8. When I am early, my boss is late. When I am late, my boss is early.

Ultimately there are Two Rules of The Boss

Rule # 1. The boss is always right.
Rule # 2. If the boss is wrong refer to Rule # 1.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Mother's Day has come and gone at the blink of an eye. Now Father's Day is near. Let me remind you of an ancient story....

Once upon a time there lived an old man with his son, daughter-in-law and grand son in a land far far away. They lived happily together until one day.....

The old man was advanced in age and weak, and suffered from arthritis and the all the illness of old men.Besides, he had lost all his teeth and could not eat without any help. Every morning his son had to carry him out of his bed and his daughter-in-law had to bathe and mop him. His daughter-in-law even cleaned all the mess when he pissed and shitted on his pants, like what he cleaned up the mess of his son when his son was a tiny baby who had lost his mother during child birth.

This everyday job of cleaning up the mess created by the old man was an ordeal to the couples such that they discussed and came up with a solution which was overheard by their young son. They planned to dumped the old father deep in the jungle where tigers roamed.

Early the next morning they dressed up their old man and put him into a big basket and set up into their tricycle for the journey with their son tagging along. When they reached the interior of the forest where tigers abounded they alighted and dumped the basket with the load. As soon as they got ready for the journey back home their son asked in his most innocent voice, " Papa, you have forgotten to bring back the basket. I need that for you when you are old like grand pa."
His son's reaction struck him like a big thunder bolt from Thor.

The couples decided to bring back and look after their father. From that day onwards, looking after their father was a pleasure rather than an ordeal.


Saturday, March 3, 2012


The Lighter Side:
There were a lawyer, an accountant and a monk in a lift. As soon as a sexy secretary entered the lift, the door closed and all went dark, pitch dark..... The sexy secretary felt her skirt being lifted up and a hand groped her behind. Later the light came back. She scanned around and came to a conclusion- she slapped the monk! Why?

Answer: The monk was the only man in the lift.

Monday, January 10, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Everyday without fail : News on either television or newspaper
mentioning about unsolved crimes in the world, in the country,
and in our neighborhood.

I was always thinking how to wipe-out all this bad news from
the face of this earth.

Right now, the opportunity is here. The answer to it is :-)

Green Hornet

Green Hornet

Being Green Hornet myself, I will look for a trustworthy
partner and together we will hunt the criminals down
no matter where they are. Being in the midst of them,
they can't tell who is friend and who is foe... BUT we
the Green Hornet know how and when to STRIKE !!!

With the abundance of resources that I can use, I
will definitely bring the crime rate to almost ZERO !!

Just wait and see, by 27th of January 2011 ....
the criminals will be crushed and will be crashed!

Because the Green Hornet is here to do
their job without being notice by the cops or the
baddies. Just wait and see :D