Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why you need to become your own boss?

Bosses are bad. Which boss is good? There is one Boss who is good. His Name is Jesus. I think most of us have bosses who think they are the best. They are infallible. Nevertheless, there are a few points I would like to highlight to you about bosses.

1. If I make a mistake, he never forgets. If my boss makes a mistake, he is human.
2. If I have done an excellent job, my boss never remembers. If my boss has done a good job, that is pure
3. If I please my boss, I am apple-polishing my boss. If my boss pleases his boss, that is co-operation.
4. If I take a long time, I am slow. If he takes a long time he is being thorough.
5. If I have not done it I am lazy. If he has not done it he is too busy.
6. If I have done something good without being told to do, I am trying to be smart. If my boss done the some thing, that is initiative.
7. If I argue with my boss, I am accused of insubordination. If my boss does the same thing that is intelligent discussion.
8. When I am early, my boss is late. When I am late, my boss is early.

Ultimately there are Two Rules of The Boss

Rule # 1. The boss is always right.
Rule # 2. If the boss is wrong refer to Rule # 1.

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Iriene said...

hahaha, you are absolutely RIGHT! because you are my boss!!!
Btw, I thought "If I am early, my boss is ...."