Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Music CD Giveaway : Akon vs. K'naan

1) Jabulani Football
- Adidas Limited Edition World Cup 2010

2) Vuvuzela from South Africa

3) World Cup Cap

4) South Africa Flag

5) Something is Missing Here...

Something is missing from the above picture!
They all representing FIFA World Cup 2010
in South Africa. What is missing?

Answer : Wa
vin' Flag
by K'Naan

So, wave your flag
Now wave your flag
Now wave your flag (x4)

K'NAAN Wavin' Flag has steal many
hearts and leave a very memorable
feeling for this year FIFA World Cup!

Have you listen to his song 'Wavin' Flag?
It is awesome...

Here is the link for you to listen to this
fantastic song and you will know why it
has been chosen as the Coca-Cola's
official World Cup anthem for the
2010 FIFA World Cup.

This K'Naan Wavin Flag song is a better choice
because :-)

We can relate to it, once it is played on air ...
it is like part of the FIFA World Cup 2010!
The tune is so catchy, full of charisma and the words
make us energised ... full of energy, full of power,
full of life and full of Hope to all of us!

It has the Soul of FIFA World Cup 2010. It has the
right spirit of celebration to last a lifetime!

K'NAAN Wavin' Flag is here to mark the FIFA World
Cup 2010 South Africa, it is indeed the best song ever!

Cheers and Celebrate :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What If I'm A Russian Spy

I was recruited to be a Baby Spy when
I was just 2 months old .....

Yeaah, I was trained how to camouflage and
blend in
with my surroundings!

Look, that's me...can you see ??

At the age of ..... I was sent by Mother Russia
to 121 Baker Street, London to be trained by
'Sherlock Holmes Academy of Investigation'.

I have also completed an Intensive training in
Thailand Special Branch
on 'Thai Boxing',
Weight Lifting, Arm wrestling
& many more!

Our KGB has creative Professor Doc who
create all kind of spy gadgets for our mission!
He wears many watches to synchronize the
time of various missions at different place and

Soon I'm ready for my first mission to Malaysia.
There I met 'back to back' with a well known
blogger who is also an undercover international
spy known as Kenny ... aka 'Susan Boyle'.

We have a tough fight ... and he won! I reported
back to my 'Head Quarter' in Russia that Malaysia
have well trained, fully equipped secret agents,
spies and most of them are also bloggers attached
to a special Agency call 'Nuffnang' and their
up coming project is called ' S A L T '.

I managed to have a comprehensive information
on their SALT mission!

The details are as follows :-

Дата проведения: 26 июля 2010

Время: 9 часов (время малазийская)

Место проведения: GSC Середина долины.

Tarikh : 26hb Julai 2010

Masa : 9 pm (waktu tempatan)

Lokasi : GSC Mid Valley.

No worries, mother Russia will send me a well
trained and sexy partner called 'Evelyn Salt'
equipped with Sony HD bloggie to assist me
in this mission!

All I need NOW is to get someone, an 'insider'
to get me a premier ticket to 'SALT' on the
above date ....... ... see you my friend!

Classified Information

The above post, characters are totally 'fictional'.
So... be cool, it is not true.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Wanna Be The Sorcerer's Apprentice

That's the best question, and I love to answer it!

If I am the Sorcerer's Apprentice, I will master the power to see
the future. With that I can plan from warn the people of
any catastrophe. Help those in need and I will be a heroic role
model for my family.....

By the way, I will use the same power to monitor the stock market
and make some money...LOL

Let see what Nicholas Cage has to say in the movie, will he recruit me????