Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Music CD Giveaway : Akon vs. K'naan

1) Jabulani Football
- Adidas Limited Edition World Cup 2010

2) Vuvuzela from South Africa

3) World Cup Cap

4) South Africa Flag

5) Something is Missing Here...

Something is missing from the above picture!
They all representing FIFA World Cup 2010
in South Africa. What is missing?

Answer : Wa
vin' Flag
by K'Naan

So, wave your flag
Now wave your flag
Now wave your flag (x4)

K'NAAN Wavin' Flag has steal many
hearts and leave a very memorable
feeling for this year FIFA World Cup!

Have you listen to his song 'Wavin' Flag?
It is awesome...

Here is the link for you to listen to this
fantastic song and you will know why it
has been chosen as the Coca-Cola's
official World Cup anthem for the
2010 FIFA World Cup.

This K'Naan Wavin Flag song is a better choice
because :-)

We can relate to it, once it is played on air ...
it is like part of the FIFA World Cup 2010!
The tune is so catchy, full of charisma and the words
make us energised ... full of energy, full of power,
full of life and full of Hope to all of us!

It has the Soul of FIFA World Cup 2010. It has the
right spirit of celebration to last a lifetime!

K'NAAN Wavin' Flag is here to mark the FIFA World
Cup 2010 South Africa, it is indeed the best song ever!

Cheers and Celebrate :D


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Thanks :)
I have register my blog with AMBP already.

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