Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Last week I took a LRT train at Kelana Jaya Station and disembarked  at Pasar Seni Station. Immediately I got onto Go-KL free bus to KLCC. But as soon as I boarded the bus I was in the company of foreigners, Bangladeshis, a Japanese couples and a few Caucasians  I must have entered a wrong  bus; it was a tourist bus or it seemed and rushed out in an instant.  Outside the bus I saw it was indeed the Go-KL bus.

Those foreigners really know how to travel free. I don't know why  Malaysians do not take advantage of the free bus service. Come on! Malaysians, travel free as time is bad. If there is free food or free books for your kids, rush for those items. Come New Year 2014, everything is going up! Sugar,petrol, toll charges, food, entertainments. The dread GST, 6 %. You name it goes up, even corruption goes up. But one thing do not go up- your pay packet. 


The Chosen One said...

Hi, I thought Go-KL only goes to Bukit Bintang and not KLCC.

Iriene said...

There 2 lines / route for Go-KL.
Green Line and .... Line? It has WiFi too :)

JamesKYTan said...

Oh,oh,oh! If you plan to go to KLCC you take free bus at Pasar Seni , Purple Line to Bukit Bintang. Then you disembark and walk to Berjaya Time Square to take a free bus, Green Line to KLCC.