Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here Are A Few Jokes I Want To Share.

There were 3 p0liticians gathered together at a high-class restaurant. They discussed their secrets and promised not to reveal to anyone, not even to their wives.

1st politician: During the tsunami raised fund, I embezzled more than $10 millions for my family.

2nd politician: That is nothing. I mis-appropriated more than $ 2o millions from the earthquake fund for my mistress.

3rd politician: My inner most secret is I am an incorrigible gossip, I cannot keep secrets.

2. There were 3 priests discussing on their private lives:

1st priest: I have known both of you since primary school.
Both of you were sincere and honest. With our
priestly allowance/salary, how can, you my
friend afford a Camry and you, drive a Mercedes
S Class? How do both of you manage that ?

2nd priest: You want to know how I got a Camry? Very
simple. Since we are priests, we believe in God.
So I asked God, " God,the donations for the
monthly expenses for the needy, as a head priest am I entitled to
part of it? If you agree, I' ll draw a BIG circle
and I' ll then stand in the middle of it. Then I' ll
throw all the donations up high into the sky, the
money that falls inside the BIG circle belongs to
me, and those that landed outside the BIG circle
belong to God." That is how I manage to
drive a Camry.

3rd priest: Since God is in Heaven
above, every month I throw the donation money
up into the sky. " God, this is your money, take
it. If you think I deserve it, then return to me."
Every month, God never fails me. He always says
I deserve it. This how I drive a Mercedes S Class.


iriene said...

lol, macam-macam!
The 2nd Joke : what ever goes up - belong to God (correct?)
Whatever comes down - belong to the priest (gravity - sure come down unless do it on the moon) :D

Merryn said...

james, thanx for ur support.. i'd luv to return the favor but i dun see any ads at the moment in ur blog. ever thought of putting in adsense?

Sherii yap said...

hello and thanks for ur comment !! ^^

Susan said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog, funny joke by the way!

The Special One said...

Hi, I like the third politician. He, being a gossip will definitely tells all.