Saturday, May 9, 2009


To all mothers,

Happy Mother's Day!

To all sons & daughters,

Love your mother. Mothers love their children unconditionally, sacrificing for the children's happiness. A poor hungry mother will ensure that her child has his fills first before satisfying her own hunger. So one needs to show and appreaciate one's love for mother not only on mother' day

but also everyday. Tell her you like her cooking. Tell her she is gorgeous, she is the most beautiful

mother in the world. I love you, mum.

Nothing can come close to the love that a mother feels for her children. Remember, love and

education begins the moment you are formed inside her. A mother will sing and talk to you when you are just an embryo inside her womb. Even when you become a parent your mother still loves you always.

Now, ahem! I want to give you a simple test to prove how much you love your mum. Okay? Let's begin:-

You and your girl friend ( boy friend, if you are a girl ) are in a boat together with your mother. Suddenly, the boat capsized.... Who are you going to save? Without thinking, mum of course. You

have only ONE MOTHER. You can easily have another new girl friend ( boy friend ). If the other

one is your spouse, remember your mother will definitely sacrifice herself by asking you to save

your spouse.

A mother puts her children before anything else, including her own comfort happiness and life.

As for me I will save myself first......My wife is a licensed life guard!!! ah,ah ah.

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