Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fame Vs Fortune

I am taking this mini challenge by Princess Sabrina on the topic

Fame Vs Fortune

I think I will choose FAME because I believe FORTUNE will soon follow FAME !

For eg. Suki (Winner of One In A Million - Malaysia Reality Show).
Once she won the title (Fame), she won RM1 million (Fortune). Instant Millionaire and she is only17 years old!
The cycle just go on & on. She became famous and more offers, money , fortune coming her way...

Another example is Lee Jun Ki (age 27, Korean actor, dancer, model). He became famous (Fame)
in Korean Movie (The King & The Clown). Offers rolling in to him for commercial ads, dramas etc with blank cheques for him to fill in the amount... (Fortune)

The important factor to remember is: you must know how to maximise your fame for fortune and for good!

The above just 2 examples from Asia. What about all the American Idols with their fame and fortune... Fortune just smiling and rolling onto their laps.

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